LADY KILLERS by Matt Fox and NOWHERE MAN by Nina Sacco are headed to London in April to be performed at the Swindon Fringe Festival and Etcetera Theatre! Join us for this final workshop performance before they hit the road. 

LADY KILLERS is receiving it's first workshop performance. The piece is a 30 min series of interwoven monologues telling the tales of four women who have one thing in common - they have all committed murder. Featuring Lindsey Mitchell, Ava Tolentino, Briana Walsh and Madison Worthington. Directed by Matt Shelton.This raw, gritty and deadly piece was written by British playwright Matt Fox, whose play FAMILY PLAY received it's US Premiere here at Shelton this past June. 

NOWHERE MAN is receiving it's second workshop performance. Saw the first one? Come back to see how it's developed. Missed it? Now's your chance! A new play written by Nina Sacco featuring Briana Walsh, Lindsey Mitchell and Madison Worthington - three young waitresses who dish about everything from getting stiffed to feeding the insatiable male ego. At The Glass Ceiling Diner, justice is served with a side of sarcasm.  



Fri 3/30 & Sat 3/31

Box & Bar @ 6:30

Lady Killers @ 7pm

Nowhere Man @8pm



Tickets: $5-$20 Donation at the door