The Cartier Sisters are throwing a Saturnalia party complete with circus performances...what could go wrong? 

Join a party of circus performers and local rock band Northern Waste for a holiday show like no other! Inspired by pagan winter festivities from Rome and beyond, this raunchy circus cabaret will titillate the senses and the sensibilities. 

Cartier Sisters Productions
Northern Waste
Bethlayne Hansen
Madi Worthington
Christine Lee

FACT! Saturnalia is an ancient Roman festival in honor of the god Saturn, celebrated with carnivals and overturned social norms, many aspects of which were later adapted into the Christmas traditions we know and love today.


Showtimes: Fri & Sat 8PM


Tickets: $20. Available at the door.


When: December 15 - December 23

Saturnalia! Pole.jpg