An arts community in downtown San Francisco.

The Shelton Theater, founded in 1993 by Matt Shelton, hosts live performances of musicals, narrative plays, improv, poetry, solo performances, and concerts. Film screenings and contemporary fine art are exhibited as well. We provide artists with the creative respect they need and a venue within which to observe their works. There are two intimate venues of 74 and 60 seats. Literally thousands of performing artists have created works in these theaters since 1983 at 533 Sutter St. Get here.

Our Mission

To create stories from a diverse community of artists in order to illuminate the human condition; increasing empathy, imagination, and communication.

Who We Are

Matt Shelton-Actor/Director/Producer                    

Julie Lockfeld-Actor/Director                              

Cedric Wentworth-Fine Artist

Kindrid Parker-Filmmaker

Timothy Trygg-Poet

Adam Stowers-Musicain/Designer

Jerry Woo-Musician

Our Alumni

In recognition of the prospective observer's desire to ascertain the professional quality of this institution and particularly to those who are new to the film and theatre communities and therefore unaware of the reputation of the Shelton Theater, we have produced the following list of former alumni/artists. We would like to state that it is our belief that many of the finest artists who have attended this institution do not appear on this list and many of their names might not be recognized. This list is by no means complete.

Alumni have won Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, Obie Awards and countless local awards.






Jean Shelton-Actor/Director/Teacher

Robert Elross-Actor/Director/Teacher

Wendell Phillips-Actor/Director/Teacher

Rob Epstein-Filmmaker
Lisa Fruchtman- Editor
Nancy Kelly-Filmmaker
Lourdes Portillio- Filmmaker
Jeremy Larner- Author
Richard Bratigan-Author
Pierre Delattre-Author
Danny Glover-Actor                                                                                                                                                                           Francis Ford Coppola-Filmmaker
Scott Paulin-Actor/Director
Wendy Phillips-Actor
Keith Phillips-Actor/Director                                                                                                                                                            Christian Phillips-Actor/Director                                                                                     
Matt Shelton-Actor/Director
Bill English-Actor/Director
Luis Oropeza-Actor/Director
Catherine Castellanos-Actor/Director
Luis Saguar-Actor/Director
Howard Hesseman-Actor
J.E. Freeman-Actor
Anthony Cistaro-Actor
Peter Coyote-Actor                                                                                                                                                                                John Callahan-Actor
Laurie Walters-Actor
Maurice Bernard-Actor
Jeff Friedman-Filmmaker/Actor
Jim Wilson-Producer
Nancy Hayes-Casting Director
Peter Tripp-Director
Trevor Tuttle-Filmmaker
Terry Zwigoff-Filmmaker
Kenj Yamamoto-Editor                                                                                                                                                                           Mike McGee-Actor                                                                                                                                                                              Tommy Wiseau-Actor/Producer